22 people left injured after a dancefloor collapse in a gay club


Fire and rescue services were called to the Butterfly in Playa de las Americas, Tenerife, on the Spanish island’s south coast, at 2.30am on November 26. A spokesperson said firefighters rescued “several people” who had become trapped at the scene, 2 of whom were hospitalized in a serious condition, and as for the rest, they had fractures of their legs and ankles. “I was at the club called Papagaio which is next door to a gay club called Butterfly, and suddenly a friend of mine comes in screaming ‘Please help me, help me’ and it turns out the club floor had collapsed, broken in half, and people fell with it. We saw a whole bunch of people hurt and police everywhere and they closed the main street. It was a big disaster, there really were a lot of people hurt and there is no explanation as to why it happened,” one of the witnesses said, according to the report by Bolorino. Six firefighting teams arrived at the scene immediately.Firefighters were in charge of carrying out inspection and debris removal tasks to rule out whether people were trapped inside.


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