Australian anti-gay politician called his colleagues ‘dead fish’


An Australian Senator went on a defiant anti-gay marriage rant in a wake of the parliament being encouraged to pass the bill. Last month Australians said ‘yes’ to equal marriage by a margin of 61.6% to 38.4%, but the final decision about it still depends on Parliament, which is still divided. Ahead of Parliamentary debates on the issue, the groups behind the ‘No’ campaign have doubled down in their position asking the Parliament to ignore the postal vote results. Senator Eric Abetz, who was previously Leader of the Government in the Senate, delivered a defiant anti-gay speech. “Same-sex marriage is not a recognised human right such as freedom of speech, marriage between a man and a woman, and freedom of religion, amongst others. That, of course, of itself does not stop parliaments from legislating for it, and I suspect at the end of this process Australia will have changed its law on marriage. It’s a change I regret for the sake of our children,” he began, later branding the whole vote as misleading because “the legislation before us is not restricted to same-sex couples”, allowing two people to marry without distinction as to sex. “The bill therefore goes further than that which was approved by the Australian people and adopts the ideology of gender fluidity, which is part of the much discredited and rightly reviled and Orwellianly misnamed Safe Schools program. If gender fluidity had been part of the campaign, the result may well have been different. If this was always intended then the question should have been explicit. Australians deserve an explanation as to why it wasn’t.” The lawmaker hinted that he would vote against the bill despite the wlil of his electorate, insisting: “For parliamentarians, I suspect the public will have a higher regard for those who are willing to take a stand on an issue of principle. I think that the electorate can distinguish between a particular point of view on an issue and their high regard for their parliamentary representative. As someone told me the other day, it’s only dead fish that go with the flow; it’s only the live fish that have the capacity to swim against the current.”


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