Australian senator Sarah Hanson-Young could not hold tears talking about same-sex marriages


An Australian senator has broken down in tears while pleading with Parliament to legally recognize marriage equality in the country. Australians gave their overwhelming backing to equal marriage in a public vote, by a margin of 61.6% to 38.4%, but the final decision is to be made by Parliament. Sarah Hanson-Young gave an emotional speech encouraging her colleagues to make an important step. “When Bob [Brown] retired, in 2012, I said to him: ‘Bob, I’m really sorry that we weren’t able to reverse that awful law before your time was up,’ she said crying, “Today … Today I stand here with my Greens colleagues, finishing the job that Bob Brown started,” she went on, adding that the parliament has gone a long way and reached a great progress fighting for people’s rights. “Millions of Australians have fought for this reform to happen: inquiry after inquiry, protesting on the streets, meetings with members of parliament, lobbying in workplaces and voting yes,” she went on, “It is now time for the Senate to do its job and to get this done without the muddying of the waters from those who have always been opposed to equal love.”


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