The bid to let bakers and florists discriminate against gay couples is gone

Gay wedding cake topper

Bakers, florists and other business owners are not left beyond the discrimination laws in Australia. This means that companies which supply wedding services will not be protected if they deny to serve LGBT people. The amendment was first introduced by Liberal Democrat David Leyohnjelm, to address concerns that conservative business owners refuse to provide same-sex weddings would be considered lawbreakers. Conversations surrounding same-sex marriage have generated unrest within the Bakers Association of Australia. The group’s executive officer, Tony Smith, distanced the organisation from the debate, saying that if a baker is in a right mind, he will bake a cake, and it does not matter who asks him about it.And Liberal senators James Paterson and David Fawcett announced today that they will not continue their calls for business safeguards. Though the discriminatory law change will no longer be pushed, there are five further amendments which will be debated. These include having two distinct definitions of marriage.


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