Jo Cox women’s leadership scheme rebukes The Times for attacking a trans teen girl


A women’s leadership scheme named in honour of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox has rebuked The Times newspaper as they criticized their young trans supporter Lily Madigan. The Times has published a string of articles over the past few weeks focusing on 19-year-old Labour Party activist who was named a women’s officer, which Times considered to be insulting for women. 55 Labour activists involved in the Jo Cox Women in Leadership scheme defended the girl in a common letter to Times. It appears that that The Times has declined to publish the letter from the group of women – despite publishing no fewer than five separate pieces attacking Madigan. “One of our cohort is a trans woman, our friend, and our sister. We wish to make it clear that the decision to include all women in this programme is one we supported then, and one which we support now,” the defenders say.


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