Australian lawmaker breaks election pledge to stand for equality


An anti-gay lawmaker in Australia has broken a pledge to vote for same-sex marriages if it found public support. As we all know, Australians did it, showing their support in a non-binding public postal vote, by a margin of 61.6% to 38.4%. A bill passed through the Senate earlier this week by a vote of 43 to 12, with several abstentions. But commentators noted that a lawmaker who had made an election pledge to fight for that position which would be represented by public, but he did not keep the word.Liberal Senator Zed Seselja, a vocal opponent of equal marriage, decided to abstain on the motion. “If the people vote yes, I will vote yes,” he said last year, but now he denies it. ” I didn’t support same sex marriage but in the event of a yes vote I would not frustrate the will of the Australian people but would likely abstain,” he claims now, “I fought hard to include reasonable protections in the bill but they were all rejected. I could not vote for a bill that would compromise freedom of speech, freedom of religion and parental rights. I nevertheless honoured my promise to not frustrate the will of the people and abstained as indicated just a few days before the election.”


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