Dame Angela Lansbury was unaware that her groom was gay


Age 19 in 1945, Dame Angela tied the knot with Richard Cromwell, a famous actor who was 16 years older. The marriage lasted only nine months and they did not open up about the reason of divorce. Speaking to Radio Times, the 92-year-old Murder, She Wrote star confirmed that her first spouse was gay and Dame Angela had no idea about it, she just found him a handsome. loving man. “He wanted to marry, he was fascinated with me, but only because of what he had seen on the screen, really. It didn’t injure or damage me in any way, because he maintained a friendship with me and my future husband [Peter Shaw],” said Dame Angela, “But it was a shock to me when it ended, I wasn’t prepared for that. It was just a terrible error I made as a very young woman. But I don’t regret it.” Cromwell made only one comment about that marriage: “All over the house, tea bags. In the middle of the night she’d get up and start drinking tea. It nearly drove me crazy.”


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