Labour activist got suspended for anti-Semitic and homophobic remarks


A Labour activist has been suspended for posting anti-Semitic homophobic cartoons speculating on a child abuse. The activist faced complaints over shocking posts on social media, some of which were made under the Twitter handle ‘GazaBoatConvoy’. The complaint emerged a few months ago, but only now the party decided to take an action. West Hendon Labour councillor Adam Langleben‏ admitted that the woman is suspended for being antisemite and he complained on her in July, but nobody reacted, she continued attending meetings and representing herself as a party member, and there was no fast reaction which he expected. The graphics and cartoons included shocking anti-Semitic depictions of Jewish people. One was also homophobic, featuring a stereotype of a gay Jewish man sat at a computer in his underwear, bearing a Star of David and a Pride flag. The cartoon included messages in garbled Hebrew, referring to him as a “Jewish homo” who loves “anal sex with kids”. Within hours of his posts, the Labour Party confirmed that the member would be suspended during investigation.


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