Lesbian couple asks British PM to help them tie the knot


Northern Irish couple asks Theresa May to help them get married in the only part of the UK where same-sex marriages are not legalized and even if some Northern Irish couple ties the knot somewhere else, their marriage won’t be legally recognized. Jayne Robinson and Laura McKee, of Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland, are a couple of six years, they bring up a daughter named Abbey,and for all these years they want to marry, so they began to act radically. A political crisis in the country, which has led to the collapse of the Northern Ireland Assembly, has further complicated matters. Without the Assembly in place, the power to legislate on the issue rests with the UK government and that is why the women decided to address directly to the Prime Minister.“Just like most other couples in a long-term, committed relationship, we want to get married. At the moment our politicians are stopping us. With devolution suspended and Westminster increasingly taking the decisions, we want Theresa May to act now to bring Northern Ireland’s marriage laws into line with those in the rest of the UK. The Prime Minister has recently said that she supports equal marriage rights for couples in Northern Ireland. Now Laura and I are asking her to prove it,” Jayne said.


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