Nicola Sturgeon gets tested for HIV to tackle stigma


The Scottish first Minister decided to show on her own example that there is nothing shameful in being tested for HIV. The leader took the test ahead of World AIDS Day, taking part in the campaign launched by HIV Scotland. The First Minister supported Scotland’s HIV Anti-Stigma campaign by taking an HIV self-test in front of a local press, sharing the results in a couple of minutes. She is the first top politician in the whole UK to get tested for HIV publicly. More than 5000 people in Scotland have been diagnosed with HIV and around 1000 more people are unaware that they have the virus, so regular testing is extremely important. “Despite the progress made in recent years, HIV is still a significant public health challenge for Scotland. We can all play our part in making life better for those living with HIV. It is important that we continue to work together to eradicate the stigma around the virus and tackle the false myths and prejudices that still surround it. Especially on World AIDS Day, and in the months and years to come, I invite you to join me and help raise awareness around HIV. By doing so, we will be paying a fitting tribute to those who have lost their lives and – most importantly – we can contribute to reducing the risk of new infections.” Ms Sturgeon says.


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