UK rejected gay asylum seekers


Data quietly published by the UK government shows that thousands of LGBT people applying for asylum were denied.After facing repeated calls to release data on its treatment of LGBT refugees, so the Home Office was forced to report about it for the first time ever. According to this report 3,535 asylum applications were made by people fleeing persecution at least partly based on their sexual orientation, amounting to 6 percent of asylum claims. However, more than two-thirds of these were rejected. Of cases with a clear resolution, 2,379 claims were rejected, and just 838 approved. Those were mostly the people who tried to escape persecution in their own countries where being gay is illegal or socially unacceptable.The Home Office accepted just 63 gay asylum seekers from Nigeria, where gay people can face extreme violence or decades in jail. 268 gay Nigerians were turned away. 108 applications from gay asylum seekers fleeing Uganda, where gay sex is punishable by seven years in prison, were also rejected. Not a single applicant from India or Sri Lanka, where homosexuality is a crime, was accepted – despite 82 and 48 applications respectively.


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