Tanzanian woman arrested for a lesbian kiss at a party


A woman from Tanzania faces jail as she was filmed receiving a ring from her girlfriend and kissing her. The woman was arrested in the town of Geita after the video of her at the party was shared on social media, the country’s law considers homosexuality to be against the order of nature. Mponjoli Mwabulambo, the woman in the video was in custody and that police were searching for the other woman for them both to be convicted.The presidency of John Magfuli has seen a horrific crackdown in Tanzania. Tanzania earler this year outlawed a charity that was planning a legal challenge against its homophobic purge, after arresting its executive. Earlier in 2017 reports emerged that Tanzanian police had arrested 12 in Dar es Salaam for “promoting homosexuality” as part of an ongoing crackdown. The men were arrested after a raid on the Peacock Hotel, and those detained included several lawyers and a charity exec, as well as the hotel manager.


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