Sir Elton John lost his mother


The singer says he is still in shock as his 90-year-old mother passed away just a few weeks after he renewed his relationships with her after a long-time quarrel. In May 2017 Sir Elton revealed he and his mother were “back in touch” as he almost died of a bacterial infection he caught in South America. Ms Farebrother revealed in a March 2015 interview that, following a heated argument, her son asked her to cut two men out of her life but she refused. On this year’s Mother’s Day in the United States, Sir Elton surprised many when he posted a picture of him with his mother, taken in July 2002, telling her he loved her and was happy to be back in touch. At lest he had a chance to say so, he had time for it. Nobody knows when everything ends. For us or for our loved ones. So this sad story is an example for us – stop quarreling and tell your nearest and dearest that you love and need them, it is much more important than to become a winner of some silly argument.


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