British Government defends HIV prevention fund cuts


The UK government has defended making a 22% cut to HIV prevention funding in the international aid budget. Politician Roberta Blackman-Woods is concerned that total DFID funding for HIV/AIDS declined by almost a quarter for 3 years. Although the UK has increased funding through multilateral institutions such as the global fund, that has not helped much and the funds continued dropping down. “There has been a decline in DFID funding for civil society organisations, which do such important work on the ground to tackle AIDS and HIV. We should pay tribute to them and ensure that their work is funded properly. Does the Minister intend to stop that reduction in funding and to fund those organisations properly?” the MP asked. However, government minister Alistair Burt insisted the government remains committed to HIV prevention and to his mind the suggestions of slashing fundings are rather controversial, saying that reports about the cuts don’t cover the program completely. “It also does not reflect our huge multi-year global fund contribution. The timing of disbursements partly accounts for the difference in spend between years, but committing £2.4 billion since 2010 to multilateral funds is substantial,” the minister added.


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