Graham Norton reveals why he is still alone


The comedian and talk show host is single and says he is alright about it. It does not mean that he had not tried to find love – he wanted to build successful relationships but failed to do so. “I’ve failed all my relationship exams, and yes it’s a different life, but I’m still living,” he told The Guardian, adding that it is better to enjoy what you have rather than to be upset because of something you do not have. Life is life and it goes exactly the way it should go. And if you want to be loved, then learn to love – people, the world around, and of course, yourself. “And if you want someone to share your life, well, no one wants to share a miserable life. Look like you’re having fun, and someone might want to join the parade. A funeral cortege? Not so much,” Norton says. Asked why he doesn’t confront the so-called alt-right homophobes, the host responded: “As the world hurtles towards the alt-right, yes, I worry about that. But, who’d listen to me? Would retweeting Guardian articles really help ?What I see when I do that, rather than change, is a real wheelbarrow of shit being pushed on top of me. And it turns out I care about that more than I do about ending fascism. Yeah, I’ve weighed it up. I’m good, thanks.”


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