Parents disowned their baby because her blood donor was trans


A trans woman from India (reports refer to her as R.) saved the life of the baby girl who was suffering from anemia, but instead of thanking her, the baby’s parent left the child out of the donor’s door with a handwritten note that now the girl ‘could become one of them’, meaning the girl could be trans if got blood from a trans donor. If gender identity could be transmitted this way, there would be no problem, actually. No suicides, mental health disorders, bullying and brutal murders of transgender people – they would just have a little amount of blood from cis donors and this is it. But it does not work this way, so the parents acted beyond any logic. But R. promised not to leave the little creature that was brought to her by accident. If her biological parents think that she is now responsible for the baby’s future, then let it be so – she decided to adopt the abandoned baby and raise like her own. R. said: “I myself have gone through the pain of being rejected by one’s own family. I think I am connected to her by this bond”. “I was unable to muster the courage for the next four years,” she continued, “But eventually, I understood that I could not let the happiness of donating blood be overshadowed by the incident.” The girl is now 6 years old, she is attending school and lives a happy life


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