Professional Footballers’ Association chair says people started treating gay players differently


Ben Purkiss, who is a defender for Swindon, took over the role of the PFA chair last month and now he speaks in support of gay players, saying that the professional football is ready because time goes by and attitudes are changing. And he believes that in a couple of years the issue of coming out won’t be controversial at all and the footballers would feel 100% comfortable with their sexuality and discussing it publicly. “It would be a surprise if there weren’t gay footballers. The role of the PFA is to be supportive and try to ensure the culture of football is safe enough so people feel comfortable being themselves,” the chairman added. “We are 100 per cent behind the campaign and 100 per cent behind any player who wishes to come out,” Purkiss said of Rainbow Laces, an anti-homophobic campaign by Stonewall. “There is work being done to change perceptions but it takes time.”


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