Sydney Harbour Bridge to celebrate marriage equality with rainbow fireworks


Sydney is famous around the world for its New Year’s Eve celebrations, creating festive makeovers for the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, and it has been announced that this year these makeovers are going to be rainbow-colored in order to celebrate the marriage equality bill succeeding in the country. Sydney is commonly known as the ‘gay capital’ of Australia, with its annual Mardi Gras which has been celebrated for 4 decades already. “This (rainbow waterfall) is a fabulous way to see out 2017 – the year that four out of five Sydneysiders said a resounding ‘yes’ to marriage equality,” Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore said. The Foti family have been behind the visual extravaganza, which uses one tonne more than last year, with 30,000 showering comets and 13,000 shells, for 20 years, but now they promise to create something nobody has ever seen before. “This waterfall effect is a first for the bridge and we’ve chosen the rainbow colours that work best for fireworks: red, yellow, green, blue, purple and silver,” they said.


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