Trans teen Lily Madigan begs to stop targeting her


A teenager who faces a lot of backlash in the media asks all the transphobes to finally leave her alone. Lily Madigan, from Kent, has been the subject of no fewer than five articles from The Times newspaper and tonnes of online abuse. But she ensures that it is not going to stop her from doing what she does, she will not give up. But she is just tired of it all. She went on Twitter to ask her attackers to stop. The 19-year-old says she is now mentally distressed and unable to eat, sleep and study The post has been favourited more than one thousand times, with comments of support, even the former Labour leader followed Lilly on Twitter. But still, the abusers do not seem to stop attacking the teen. “I’ve found the coverage to be very targeted against me; lots of what I said was omitted or used out of context,” Lily said according to Pinknews.


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