Botswana agreed to legally recognize a trans man


Botswana has agreed to recognise a transgender man’s identity after a historic court ruling earlier this year, the Southern Africa Litigation Centre has confirmed, ensuring that the man (identified in the court documents as ND) is going to be supplied with the new identity documents declaring his gender in correspondence with his gender identity. The High Court of Botswana had ordered the state recognise ND’s gender but registrar intended to appeal against this ruling. However later the registrar has changed his mind. ND spoke of his relief after his ten-year legal battle finally came to an end. “Closure has never felt this sweet,” he said. “To live years in a mistaken identity is beyond the unthinkable. I am excited to finally move on with my life. I hope that many others in my position would have a similar opportunity to live their life with dignity.” The decision is really fundamental for the African country which has rather conservative anti-LGBT attitudes and the lack of legal recognition for LGBT community and their basic rights.


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