Calvin Harris is asked by fans to keep his promise


5 years ago the DJ vowed to remix Spice Girls iconic song if Australia legalizes same-sex marriages. As you may know, it happened just a couple of days ago. And Harris, who seems to have completely forgotten about the old promise, was reminded that it is still in force and here comes the time to make it true. In an agreement with fellow DJ Filip Odžak, Harris vowed that he would release a remix of the Spice Girls’ 1996 hit, 2 Become 1, and now his fans use social media to tell Calvin that they are still waiting. Australian Odžak met Harris after Sydney’s Stereosonic festival in 2012 and made a deal sealed with a handshake. “A deal is a deal!” Odžak said and caused a storm in social media. “BIIITCH IMAGINE A SPICE GIRLS REMIX WITH HIS CURRENT STYLE OF MUSIC, IM HERE FOR IT,” one person wrote. Another supporter tweeted directly to Harris saying that if he keeps the promise it will definitely be a massive hit. Following the tweet, Odžak appeared on a radio show to shed some light on how meeting the DJ – and scoring his phone number – went down. “I don’t know how it came up, but we were talking about what your bridal dance would be,” he said, “I said – being a lifelong devoted Spice Girls fan – that mine would be 2 Become 1. Then we got on to the topic of why it wouldn’t happen, because there is no gay marriage yet. He was in shock. ‘No! I thought it was totally legal in Australia’. Somehow we just made the pact: ‘When they finally legalise it, you can do a remix for me’,” he said. So, time will show whether Calvin Harris sticks to his words.


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