Justin Trudeau posed for gay magazine cover


The Canadian PM sat down for a cover interview for Attitude magazine, giving them an interview about challenging anti-LGBT laws which still exist in some countries. He is the first world leader to pose for the cover of such a magazine. “There will always be small groups of people who have power, whether it’s religious groups, or political groups, who will protect that status quo and will resist change as it gets closer to them… but I trust people, I trust citizens, and I know that the direction that we need to move is in respectful ways, in meaningful ways [and] is something that we need to keep pushing,” Trudeau said. He admitted being unable to change the whole world but promised to discuss this issue with his foreign colleagues in order to convince them that there is no place for homophobia and discrimination in the modern society and LGBT rights are human rights. “The fact that so many people have gone for so long feeling that they had to be ashamed, or hide something about their core identity to fit into society is a lesson for everyone to push against. Every time someone says to me, ‘Why do you still feel it’s important to walk Prides?’ [I say] it’s because there’s so much more to do, and the more that we are exposed to stories that reveal our own biases, the privileges we take for granted, that other people don’t have, the better we’ll be at standing up for other people’s rights and opportunities,” the PM added.


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