MP who had lost her son weeks ago came back to work to vote for euality


Linda Burney, a Labor MP, can be seen screaming of joy when lifted in the air by her fellow MP Warren Entsch. Entsch was among the first voices on Australia’s right to advocate for same-sex marriage, defying his own party since 2004 to support LGBT people. Linda Burney, Australia’s first Aboriginal MP, has a heart-breaking story of life that inspired her to stand for equality. “I support marriage equality as someone who has and has had loved ones who identify as LGBTI,” she said, meaning her son Binni who was found dead weeks before. The police stated that the 33-year-old man had killed himself failing to overcome mental health problem s and addictions. “I returned to Sydney last night to be with him this one last time,” she wrote before the funeral, He tried so hard to conquer his demons, as I and my family have tried so hard to support him in every way we could.”


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