Trans woman in male prison tells her terrifying story


Strawberry Hampton, a 26-year-old trans woman kept in male prison, applies to the federal court claiming she has been abused physically and sexually by prison staffers. Her representation say Hampton was ordered to undress and perform sexual acts with her fellow inmate for the staff to watch and laugh. “Several officers forcefully slammed this inmate on the concrete slab onto his face, and began physically assaulting this inmate, by putting their knees in his back, and forcefully cutting and ripping his clothes off with a shiny object,” said one of the witnesses. The woman was screaming and begging not to hurt her and to keep her alive. When she filed complaints, she was sent to solitary confinement for three months, all the while still being harassed and abused. She slept in a room covered in urine and faeces, with filthy sheets, without running water or a mattress. She was denied access to her transgender support group, as well as basic privileges such as showers and medical attention. Her food was also withheld, and she lost 35lb. She is currently sentenced to solitary confinement until April 2018.


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