Trump seeks emergency court action not to allow trans people to serve


The Trump administration is seeking an emergency injunction not to allow trans people to enroll since 2018 as it has been previously ruled. Donald Trump announced on Twitter earlier this year that all transgender servicepeople would be banned from the army as a burden for the military. The policy led to a deluge of lawsuits, and last month a DC judge prevented Trump from blocking an already-written directive to actively permit the enrolment of trans troops.The directive, which was drafted under President Obama and sets out the criteria for recruitment of transgender people, is set to come into force on January 1. Trump administration went to court in a bid to block the directive from taking force keeping the original ruling as an appeal is in process. The Department of Justice is hoping that if granted, the stay will allow them to let the ban on trans troops remain. The move comes after the Pentagon confirmed it was “taking steps” to comply with the court ruling, paving the way for trans troops to be accepted.


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