A boy from a same-sex family has thanked Russel Tovey for playing a gay superhero


Russell Tovey shared his thoughts on playing the Ray, the first openly gay superhero to have a series of his own. In the DC superhero miniseries ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ – which aired across The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow – the character falls in love with Captain Cold, played by another gay actor Wentworth Miller. Tovey reveals that the watchers’ reaction warmed his heart but there was one particular episode which is especially significant for him. It was a massage from two gay fathers whose son had watched the show and was excited that there were two superheroes that loved each other just the way his fathers did. “So many people have been so supportive of seeing two superheroes who are gay played by two actors who are out. It seems like it became a bit of a moment. I couldn’t be prouder to be one half of that moment,” Tovey told New York Times, “On prime time TV, you’ve got two superheroes that are gay kissing and who are played by gay actors — hopefully one day that will be normal.I want the Ray to become someone that gay kids watching TV — who might feel a bit out there and not accepted or who don’t understand themselves — can relate to.”


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