Bermuda re-bans same-sex marriages

Lesbian wedding cake figurine

Just six months after legalising same-sex marriage Bermuda accepts the new bill replacing same-sex marriages with domestic partnerships and the bill was signed into law with no doubt. It was approved with 24 votes for and 10 against in the Bermuda House that the term ‘marriage’ won’t be used for same-sex unions anymore. The bill will not roll back same-sex marriages that have already taken place since same-sex marriage became legal six months ago following a Supreme Court ruling. It will also affect cruise ships which had begun offering same-sex wedding ceremonies on board during this period. Progressive Labour Party (PLP) backbencher Lawrence Scott said the bill puts same-sex and opposite-sex couples in one row from the point of view of rights, the question is only in terms. Shadow home affairs minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin spoke against the bill, saying that giving some right to people and than taking this right back is just cruel and inhuman. Melvyn Bassett, president of anti-gay marriage group Preserve Marriage said before the vote said that he believed it wouldn’t matter either way, that the bill would pass whether the MPs were whipped or not.


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