Kentucky Supreme Court is to hear the Pride T-shirt case


The Kentucky Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case regarding a t-shirt company that said it would not print LGBT-themed T-shirts for the local Pride 5 years ago using their religious beliefs as an excuse. The Lexington Human Rights Commission ruled that the company violated the city’s fairness ordinance, which bans discrimination against people based on their sexuality.The company appealed to the Fayette Circuit Court, which ruled in its favour, but a date the hear the case has not yet been set. It’s most famous case saw County Clerk Kim Davis arrested for refusing to issue a marriage licence for a same-sex couples. Davis said that she will be re-running for her position as County Clerk, which has not been under electoral dispute since the battle. However, her competitor, David Ermold, will be bringing both his personal passion and politics to the table. The Democrat competitor is running against Davis to take over her post after she denied him and his husband-to be a marriage licence.


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