Leading Swiss football referee is gay


A top Swiss football referee Pascal Erlachner has made history by becoming the first person to be involved in the professional football of Switzerland to be openly gay. He said on coming out that he will start a dialogue on the way to destroying the myth that being gay is not combined with successful football career. Speaking to Swiss paper Blick, Erlachner said that he sees no problem in being gay and talking about it, it should not be an issue, he believes. He has said he is unsure whether coming out will affect his career, but feels it won’t. As for coming out to the nearest and dearest, the referee says they were open and positive and he is still the same person for him. “That they love me. And that they go through thick and thin with me. It was a very nice and very important moment. From there it went step by step upwards. Finally the truth was out. Finally, I was allowed to be what I am,” he shared.


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