Gay man deported from Australia for PrEP and sex toys in a baggage


A man who is native German was forced to fly to Japan as he was denied to enter Australia. Border Force agents accused the man of coming into the country to engage in sex work because his baggage contained sex toys and HIV-preventing drugs (neither is forbidden to be brought to Australia). The man had reportedly been living in Australia for more than two years when he took a week-long trip to Japan to prolong his tour visa. Flying back he hoped to receive a partner visa from his boyfriend. “It was upon re-entering Australia that he was intercepted by Border Force,” the man’s boyfriend says, “They detained him for 24 hours and have put him on a plane since then.” Andrew alleged that his boyfriend was profiled by agents for looking visibly gay, as they said. Despite this fact, guards reportedly confiscated them and even checked his phone. They found text messages on the phone which they have since used as proof that the man was a sex worker. The man was reportedly sent back to Japan and arrangements were made for him to fly on to Germany.


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