Gay Senate President resigns as his husband is accused of sexual assault


Stanley C. Rosenberg, Massachusetts senate president, quit his post after 4 men accused his spouse Bryon Hefner of sexual assault. The men say that over a period of three years Hefner was kissing them and touching intimate parts of their bodies against their will, but they were silent as his husband was a major figure in the local politics. They decided to speak up as many people did in the MeToo campaign. Rosenberg says that his heart is with everyone who was hurt(though he does not believe his husband could have done something like that) and this period in his life is extremely difficult for him from both professional and personal point of view. The Senate President is temporarily suspended pending the investigation of allegations against his husband. He will give all the alleged victims an ability to speak up and he wants the investigation to be provided credibly and with no prejudice. Voters in his hometown of Amherst have come forward in his defence, saying that there is no need for him to resign because he is not even the one who is accused. Others say that, although it isn’t his fault, he did the right thing being honest to the victims and supporting them even considering that fact that he does not believe in his husband’s guilt.


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