Marvel’s new anti-hero novel series is going to be gender-fluid and pansexual


The author of Marvel’s new three-book historical fiction series has revealed she is going to add a brand new queer storyline with Loki as a central figure.Author Mackenzi Lee announced the news on Twitter noting that there were lots of LGBT fans of Marvel and they frequently asked her as a writer to make the plot more-rainbow-colored and it is a pleasure for her to do it. The first book of the series will focus on Avenger Thor’s adopted brother Loki, whom the writer described as “a canonically pansexual and gender-fluid character”. It has been known that Loki had relationships with both men and women, but his sexuality was not proclaimed out loud. But one fan took to Twitter to complain to Lee about her master plan. The angry Marvel enthusiast said “I don’t mind if there is evidence to support this claim. But I have a problem if the LGBT want to say he is just so they can feel represented.”


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