The Crown hints the Queen could have known one of the major royal figures was bi


The drama series, which stars Claire Foy as The Queen, charts the life of the royal family and Her Majesty in particular. Antony Armstrong-Jones, Princess Margaret’s husband, commonly known as Lord Snowdon, was depicted in the film rather controversially, as bisexual. Armstrong-Jones is introduced as an avant-garde photographer, played by Matthew Goode. In one scene, the future royal spouse is seen engaging in a group sex with a married couple and princess Margaret was ware, discussing it with the Queen. : “He’s maybe a bit like Cecil, in that he’s obviously queer. Though interestingly, Elizabeth [Cavendish] denies it. I called her when I got home last night and interrogated her. [She says] he would never dream of being anything as straightforward as ‘simply queer’.” Later Margaret told her husband:“The way you talked to women, understood women. Not to mention your tidy little hips, your vanity and fastidiousness. But now I see you’re not queer. This whole routine is far too practiced and well oiled. Woman after woman has been here before me. Beautiful women.” Though not covered in the series, Jeremy Fry was allegedly asked to be best man at the wedding of Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon, but was forced to reject the role because he had a gay sex conviction.


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