The Supreme Court rejected a lesbian woman who claims to have been fired because of her sexuality


Jameka Evans has said that she was harassed, physically assaulted and denied equal pay at the hospital where she worked and she believed there could be no other reason for it but her sexuality. The woman said she had been stressed so much that spent a majority of her working time crying in the closet, and when she came back home she could not sleep and eat properly. In March, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against her, finding that workplace discrimination based on sexuality was not included under Title VII of the historic 1964 Civil Rights Act. And just months later, President Donald Trump’s administration argued exactly the same in a New York federal appeals court. Evans was refused a federal hearing then, and has now been left further in limbo moving further to the Supreme Court where it was also dismissed. Greg Nevins, employment fairness project director for Lambda Legal, which has taken Evans’ case, accused the US’s highest court of delaying social problems in the country. He promised that it won’t end like that: “But this was not a ‘no’ but a ‘not yet,’ and rest assured that Lambda Legal will continue the fight, circuit by circuit as necessary, to establish that the Civil Rights Act prohibits sexual orientation discrimination”.


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