Trans teen sues parents for not allowing him to treat

Transgender student Sorrel Rosin (R) poses with a friend February 25 2017 in Chicago as hundreds of transgender supporters protest against the Trump administration's reversal of federal protections of bathroom rights, warning it risked exposing young people to hate-fueled violence. Rosin, a high school student in Illinois, said Ive felt a spike in homophobia, transphobia, bigotry, misogyny in and out of school." / AFP / Derek R. HENKLE (Photo credit should read DEREK R. HENKLE/AFP/Getty Images)

A transgender boy in Ohio is suing his parents for banning him from medical intervention. They offer him a Christian camp as an alternative. And when he refused, the mother allegedly told her 16-year-old-child that it would be better for him to die. It was the last straw and he addressed to the crisis charity. The teenager wants to transition, but court documents say his parents refused, and without their permission he cannot transition, at least yet. Court documents also state that the mother called child a liar when he testified against her. He also accused his parents of making him listen to Bible passages for more than six hours at a time. Ohio social workers are siding with the teen against his parents, asking for him to receive treatment at a hospital rather than so-called ‘conversion therapy’ which is known as harmful and ineffective. The complaint was filed in Hamilton County Juvenile Court and is to be heard in a few days.


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