Gay and bi men have more problems with sleeping


Researchers at the National Centre for Health Statistics in the US used National Health Interview Survey data of more than 100,000 men and women for two years and they found out that men having sex with men are more likely top struggle sleeping, especially falling asleep. As for women, lesbians falling asleep the same as heterosexual women, however it is more difficult for them to stay asleep. Bi women are also six percentage points less likely than straight women to get the amount of sleep which was established by the doctor as a norm and as a consequence the majority of bi women wake up not feeling well-rested more often than not. And gay men are also more likely to wake up not feeling well rested, when compared to both straight and bi men. Gays and lesbians are both more likely to use sleeping pills in comparison to straight men and women. The study concludes that it has discovered “evidence that gay men, lesbians and bisexual women report poorer sleep quality than their straight counterparts.


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