One more trans woman is killed in the USA


Brandi Seals, 26, was shot dead in a street in Houston, Texas, last Wednesday. She was charged with prostitution in 2015, she was practicing sex for money because she was unable to pay for her gender reassignment surgery. Police have suggested Brandi was killed by one of her ‘clients’ as they revealed her transgender identity. Maria Cheeks, Brandi’s aunt, paid tribute to the victim, however she used male pronouns and addressed her as her nephew. But she said the victim was a beautiful person. “Whoever took his life, they have to answer. Maybe the police might not get you, but you will have to answer to one person – and that’s the higher power of God. You will have to answer to him,” says the grieving aunt. Houston Police Department homicide detective Fil Waters joined Cheeks in misgendering Brandi, using her dead name and calling her a man in woman’s clothing. Keasha Devaughn Speed, who went to school with Brandi, paid tribute to her on Facebook, but still addressing her as male: “The fact that it’s someone that i went to school with and the fact that my aunt and uncles home and car had bullet holes shows me that this world is crazy and some ppl have no humanity…I’m praying for his family”.


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