Salvation Army claims to be evolved on LGBBT rights, but there are doubts about it


The spokesman of the Salvation Army claims that that there is no misunderstanding between them and the LGBT community and their aim is to help people without discrimination. US National Spokesperson for the organisation, Lt. Col. Ron Busroe, told Advocate that the organisation is now much more LGBT-inclusive than it used to be 30-40 years ago. But if to check the statistics it would be clear that homophobia in the Salvation Army is not a memory but a reality of today. A current legal battle is waging in New York City between the Salvation Army and the NYC Commission on Human Rights, due to alleged discriminatory policies at four Salvation Army run substance abuse centres in the city. The Salvation Army organisation is also known to have internal policies actively banning gay people from serving as officers if they refuse to keep celibacy. In 2012, a senior official in the Australian Salvation Army suggested that LGBT people should be killed (though the apology was issued later).


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