Jurors demand capital punishment for a man who killed an 8-year-old because he thought he was gay


Jurors have voted for the death penalty for a man who brutally tortured and murdered a son of his girlfriend because he thought the boy could grow up gay. He has been torturing the boy named Gabriel for 8 months. The boy’s mother Pearl did not admit guilt of torturing and killing her child, though it is clear she did nothing to stop her boyfriend. The jury forewoman gave a statement in court about the three-day-long deliberations on how to bring the boy’s killer to justice. The court had heard how the villain tortured the child including beating, whipping, shooting and starving him. When the penalty was read out, Gabriel’s father cried and thanked the jurors. The victim’s teenage siblings also testified, causing jurors to sob uncontrollably as they testified about the terrible tortures against their brother that they have witnessed. Ezequiel, 16, and Virginia, 14, said their mother’s boyfriend shot Gabriel in the face and groin with a BB gun and beat him daily using wire hangers and a belt buckle. When the jurors’ vote was revealed, the prosecutor had a tissue in his hand, and seemed to be holding back tears. Outside the courthouse, one juror – who wanted to be known only as a 25-year-old working in social media, said that capital punishment still didn’t seem like “enough justice.”


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