Roy Moore spoke out after losing election


The homophobe who failed to win a seat in the Alabama Senate addresses to the public for the first time since then.“That American Dream has today been tainted by corrupt politics and a government which is become out of control and out of touch with the people. Many do not share the vision of those who built this country,” he said in his video statement published on Youtube. And we are not surprised that he targets LGBT community again – Roy Moore without homophobia is not Roy Moore. He went on:
“Today, we no longer recognize the universal truth that God is the author of our life and liberty. Abortion, sodomy, and materialism have taken the place of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Going on he directed his hate on trans people saying that ‘men saying to be women and vise versa’ are deviating people from ‘real’ problems to ‘fake’ ones. “This election was painted by over $50 million from outside groups who want to retain power in their own corrupt ideology. No longer is this about Republican or Democrat control… it’s about a Washington establishment that will not listen,” he concluded.


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