The first Indian gay prince is going to open LGBT center


A gay Indian prince is opening an LGBT centre on the grounds of his family even though the royals strongly disapprove the idea. The centre, which will be named Hanumanteshwar 1927, will be based on the grounds of Prince Manvendra’s palace in the Indian state of Gujarat. The prince told Gay Star News that it is important for him to make LGBT people feel free and comfortable the way they are, at least for a while. The centre will be run in conjunction with charity the Lakshya Trust, the prince founded it before coming out.The charity works with gay, bisexual and transgender people on a wide range of issues, including social acceptance and health. “Most [gay, bisexual and trans people] in India are forced to be in the closet due to stigma and discrimination faced by them on coming out. That’s why it’s important for them to be in a place where they feel safe, secure and accepted. This centre will give them the independence to do all those things which they are unable to do living a double life in the society,” the prince added.


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