Drag Race star Raja got married


Star and winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Raja and his boyfriend Ryan Turner had a secret wedding ceremony in Los Angeles, it has been reported. In a cryptic Facebook post earlier this week, Raja wrote: “Following my heart with no regrets, qualms, or hesitation. Do you.” Which gave the game away a little, but later the Season 3 winner shared photos of the ceremony.“We decided a long time ago that we were gonna do it. We pretty much knew from the get go that we were gonna marry each other. We just decided one day, ‘Let’s just fucking do it.’ So we found out where to go, filled out all the right paperwork, and then decided to do it immediately. It seems rushed, but it was something that had to be done,” he adds. “There was just no way around it. We were like ‘Let’s just get married,’” Raja told Hornet. The couple met a few years ago on Facebook and now they are married, the ceremony was small and private. At the wedding were Raja’s mother, sisters, nieces and brother in law.


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