Father who protested against Roy Moore paid tribute to his late daughter with Ellen


Ellen DeGeneres has met with Nathan Mathis, whose lesbian daughter Patti Sue died of suicide. Roy Moore used to call Patti Sue perverted because of her lesbianism and now the 74-year-old grieving father stands up to him saying that dating underage girls (as Moore allegedly did, 9 women accused him of sexual assault and some of them had been teens when it had allegedly happened) is billion times more perverted than being gay. Mathis told Ellen than initially he and his family could not accept that fact that Patti was a lesbian and tried to ‘cure’ her, applying to different doctors. But doctors only said that they were treating diseases, not changing personalities. And it was a lesson for the father and this is a lesson he wants to give to all of us – love your children, accept them the way they are, don’t forget to tell them everyday that they are precious and beautiful. If somebody tries to convince them in the opposite, don’t let your kids believe in it, don’t let them doubt in their uniqueness.


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