LGBT radio station started working in Tunisia regardless of fears


The LGBT group Shams set up the radio station to make a Muslim-dominated African country a little bit closer to LGBT accepting. The Shams Rad station has the slogan “dignity, equality”, prominent LGBT activists are to work as radio hosts. Director general Bouhdid Belhadi said the station will air from breakfast time to midnight, hoping to promote individual rights and freedoms of every single Tunisian, especially mentioning LGBT ones. It aims to sensitise listeners to the daily lives and issues faced by LGBT people by using real stories. Tunisia’s Human Rights Minister earlier this year announced that the country will no longer perform anal probes on gay and bisexual men if they do not agree to do it.The practice, which is considered to be torture by Amnesty International, is to be scrapped by the country, which is used to punish men for homosexual practice. Previously, if an accused man refused to undergo the examination, it would be considered proof that he was gay, and could see him serve up to three years in jail. Now, if a man refuses, he will not be punished.


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