Transfamily from Arizona


Not every family can accept that fact that their child is trans. They arte often abused, disowned and kicked out. But in this particular family coming out has never been an issue, because EVERY family member is trans! Daniel and Shirley from Queen Creek, Arizona, are now undergoing transition alongside their two children Joshua and Mason. Coming out has been a bonding experience for the family. Daniel said that his family was extremely accepting and supportive when he came out to them, and he started to feel that he is really living, not just existing as it used to be before. Daniel learned about being transgender from his children, discovering the idea of being trans when Joshua wanted to join the Girl Scouts though they were biologically male. And Daniel understood his child is trans, and so is he, though he failed to find a right word to define himself until then. Shortly after this, Joshua came out as a trans girl, followed by her brother Mason who is a trans boy. Daniel then began to question his own identity, changing how he dressed and cutting his hair short. He recalled the moment that he realised, during a shopping trip trying on more masculine clothes. Daniel said: “I opened my eyes, looked in that dressing room mirror and went, ‘Oh this is it. This is perfect. This is me.” Shortly after coming out Daniel met his future wife and she is also trans.As Shirley began transitioning, she thought she would never be accepted and love was something she could not even dream of. Shirley was quickly accepted by the rest of Daniel’s family and has now found a happy home with her fiance and two children. She said: “It was so freeing because I knew I could be me, and they’re going to understand me for who I am.”


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