Catholic bishops urge parents to disown trans kids

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Catholic Bishops in the US are behind a new campaign encouraging parents to reject their children if they are trans. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a letter this week that brands transgender people “deeply troubling” and claims that changing gender is a “false idea” and that is why parents should not allow their children to transition, they ensure. Studies have shown that an unaccepting or stifling environment drastically increases the likelihood that transgender youths will suffer from mental health disorders or even try to take their own lives. But the bishops believe ‘harm’ from gender reassignment to be much worse. They say: “Gender ideology harms individuals and societies by sowing confusion and self-doubt.
The state itself has a compelling interest, therefore, in maintaining policies that uphold the scientific fact of human biology and supporting the social institutions and norms that surround it. We desire the health and happiness of all men, women, and children. Therefore, we call for policies that uphold the truth of a person’s sexual identity as male or female, and the privacy and safety of all. We hope for renewed appreciation of the beauty of sexual difference in our culture and for authentic support of those who experience conflict with their God-given sexual identity.”


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