Two gay men were named as victims of the fire in Scottish hotel


Simon Midgley and Richard Dyson, who are believed to be from London, had been staying at the Cameron House Hotel that was damaged by the fire on Monday morning. Authorities are not allowed to reveal the victims’ identities, but their nearest and dearest are paying tributes to them in social media. The director of the hotel has commended the emergency services to intervene and safe more lives if possible. A baby, Jimmy, and his parents Louise and Andrew Logan from Worcestershire, were carried to safety by firefighters from an upper floor. They were later taken to hospital but were discharged. Midgley was a freelance journalist at the London Evening Standard and Dyson was a TV producer. They shared pictures of the hotel on Instagram before the tragedy. Midgley’s sister says she is heartbroken with the terrible loss. Media reports from the hotel described the damage as “extensive”, said that burning wood smells were present and that fire alarms were still going off when journalist arrived. Cameron House’s director, Andy Roger, said he commended the “very swift actions of the emergency services”.


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