Gay man filmed a hate crime attack in Sydney


An Australian man has gone viral being subjected to a hate crime attack at the petrol station. Brendan de la Hay, a singer and performer, shared the video of the attack with is Facebook followers. Mr de la Hay was at a petrol station on Wednesday evening when a stranger confronted him with the F-word and swearing. After Mr de la Hay challenged him and started filming, the man started to deny what he had previously said: “I didn’t call you a f***ing f**”, before then saying “I called you a f***ing gay c***, you’re a f***ing f** go burn in hell.” Mr de la Hay dryly replied: “Yeah good, I’m highly aware of that.”In the Facebook post accompanying the video, de la Hay noted that such cases are unfortunately rather rife and even though Australia moves to LGBT acceptance, there is still a lot of work to be done. In an interview with Yahoo7, the performer said that homophobia is a part of his everyday life. “I kind of feel slightly desensitised to abuse such as this because I have dealt with it my entire life. I had the same thing happen to me just last week. I thought ‘I’m sick of people doing this, I’m going to start filming it whenever it happens,’” he says.


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