Man received 9 life sentences for spreading paedophilia on Grindr


The head of a paedophile ring who used different dating apps including Grindr to find victims has been convicted. Michael Emerton was sentenced in Hertfordshire after he plead guilty of sexually abusing 20 underage people. The counts included rape of a child and three instances of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.The man aged 33 has previously been convicted in March and got 7 life sentences. He was given the additional two sentences last week as he plead guilty of more offences, including engaging other people to sexually abusing children. Matthew Webby, 30, Robert Lindsay, 39, Paul Stevens, 54 and Simon Wintle, 44 were all sentenced as well for crimes linked to the paedophile ring. Stevens was sentenced to 10 years with a five year licence extension, Webby was sentenced to nine years with a five year licence extension, Lindsay was sentenced to five years three months with a three year licence extension, Wintle was sentenced to two years six months. 28-year-old Thomas Webby will also be sentenced on January 24.


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