Pentagon allows trans people to serve with their ‘preferred gender’


The Pentagon has explained for the first time that trans militants are going to be accepted. A Department of Defence memo has outlined extensive guidelines for trans people, including that they will be able to join with their “preferred gender” and use those bathroom facilities which they consider appropriate. However, there are still only two gender options and the potential; troops will have to choose between them even if they are non-binary. The Pentagon memo emphasises that “every applicant will be treated with dignity and respect.” The move comes as the US military prepares to accept trans recruits on January 1, despite repeated and ongoing attempts by President Donald Trump’s administration to ban trans servicepeople. Medical exams and underwear requirements will also correspond with gender identity. New recruits will also be able to ask for privacy during group screenings, and have chaperones based on the way they self-identify. The only difference between trans servicepeople and their cisgender counterparts will be a medical history form known as DD 2807, which will be kept private. The memo also states that trans applicants who have undergone surgery will not be able to join the military until they have been emotionally and physically stable for 18 months.


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